Tutoring Program

The Nifes Uniport students will run the tutoring program.The Nifes Uniport Exco has set up a committee that includes a representative from each faculty of the University. This team will facilitate peer-to-peer tutoring, study group meetings and small class tutorials for challenging courses within the different departments. This team will keep copies of past question papers, class syllabi and relevant textbooks. The alumni will encourage a good and consistent study culture among the students to help them excel in their academic endeavor overall.

Students Scholarship and Tutorial Program

The student scholarship and tutorial project was established by NUNA after the leadership of NIFES Uniport executive (2012/2013) expressed concerns about the declining academic performance of their members on a survey of member average GPA. NUNA worked with the new leadership to incorporate into their program, projects that will spur academic excellence, for example: small and large study groups, tutoring, academic seminars etc. NUNA created a project committee to determine the best way to intervene and change the negative trend. The project committee recommended that deserving students should be awarded tuition scholarships by the alumni. The scholarship program was intended to encourage the culture of academic excellence among the students.