NUNA Tuition Scholarships

About the Scholarship

The NUNA Scholarship is a generous financial aid program initiated by the NIFES Uniport North-American Alumni (NUNA) to support deserving undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport). The scholarship is awarded to one high-performing student from each faculty of the university based on their academic excellence, involvement in the NiFES fellowship, and financial need. In exceptional cases, other factors are considered in awarding the NUNA scholarship to deserving students.


Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible for the NUNA Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Membership in the NiFES Fellowship: Applicants must be active members of the
    NiFES fellowship, a vibrant community of Christian students committed to academic
    excellence and personal growth.
  • Minimum CGPA: Applicants must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 out of
    5.00. This reflects a strong academic record and a commitment to academic
  • Year Level: Applicants must be at least a 200-level student in the University of Port
    Harcourt. This indicates a level of academic progress and commitment to the
    educational journey.

Selection Criteria

The NUNA Scholarship selection process is rigorous and considers a comprehensive set of
factors to identify the most deserving recipients. These factors include:

  1. Essay: Applicants are required to submit a compelling essay that demonstrates their
    passion for their chosen course of study, articulates the impact of the scholarship on
    their academic journey, and highlights their active involvement in the NiFES fellowship
    and community engagement.
  2.  Academic Transcript: Applicants must provide a copy of their academic transcript,
    signed and stamped by the relevant department, reflecting their academic performance
    from their first year to the previous academic year. This serves as evidence of their
    academic standing.
  3. Financial Need: Applicants are encouraged to provide information about their financial
    need by answering correctly and truthfully all questions asked in the application form.
    A paragraph in the applicant’s essay can equally contain additional information of
    financial need.

TOCSS Foundation Asitonka Ogan Education Grant

TOCSS Foundation in collaboration with the NIFES UNIPORT North America Alumni (NUNA) hereby invites applications for 2018 TOCSS Foundation Asitonka Ogan Education Grant for eligible students.

Fairness and Representation

To ensure fairness and representation across the various faculties of the University of Port
Harcourt, the NUNA Scholarship Committee strives to award the scholarship to students
from each faculty, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. This promotes equitable
opportunities for students from diverse academic disciplines.

Factors Affecting Selection

While the NUNA Scholarship Committee carefully evaluates each application, certain
aspects may negatively impact an applicant’s chances of selection. These include:

  1. Poor Essay: An essay that lacks clarity, focus, and originality may detract from an
    applicant’s overall assessment.
  2. Missing or Unstamped Transcript: A lack of submitted transcripts or transcripts
    without proper signatures and stamps may raise concerns about the authenticity of the
    academic records.
  3. Lack of Financial Need Documentation: An applicant’s failure to provide evidence of
    financial need may cast doubt on their need for the scholarship.
  4. Previous Scholarship Recipients Not Participating in NiFES Tutorials: Previous
    scholarship recipients who have not actively engaged in NiFES tutorials may be
    considered less deserving of the award.

Giving Back to the Community

The NUNA Scholarship Committee encourages scholarship recipients to actively participate in NiFES tutorials and other community engagement initiatives. This fosters a sense of reciprocity and encourages recipients to leverage their academic achievements to support their peers and contribute to the overall growth of the fellowship.

By providing financial assistance to deserving students, the NUNA Scholarship serves as a valuable resource for academic advancement and fosters a spirit of community engagement among NiFES members. The scholarship empowers students to pursue their academic goals with confidence and contributes to the overall success of the University of Port
Harcourt community.