Coordinator's Corner

Tonbra NUNA

Welcome Address from 2024 NUNA Coordinator.

Happy New Year Brethren,

It is such a great privilege that the Lord has counted us worthy to see the start of a new year! We thank the Lord for his Grace and Mercies, and we are looking forward to all the great and mighty things God has laid out for the NUNA family in 2024. On behalf of the leadership team, I want to say a big thank you to all our NUNA family; both for your prayers and care for the brethren. Indeed, we are better together.

Theme of the year: “That I may know Him” Philippians 3: 10

Focus Area: Building a strong network of members who are empowered to serve and impact the world around us.

Student related programs: Scholarship, Awards, welfare for widows and fatherless students who are financially disadvantaged, Support community service activities, Tutoring, Mentoring.

Member related programs: Member Support, Celebration of milestones- Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations.

Member Input: We seek participation of every member, as our programs and initiatives are designed primarily to engage each other at various levels. We are excited about this opportunity, and we trust in the Lord to keep leading us to find ways to express it. As we get into the planning for 2024, I want to appeal to every member to think about 2 things you can commit to doing for NUNA in 2024. We would need commitment with leading prayer sessions, financial support, meeting coordination, welfare, member follow up etc. I would also like to hear from you as it relates to 2 other things you would like to see happen in NUNA for 2024. Please email these items to me

NUNA Financials: The 2023 giving statement for tax filing purposes will also be sent out in January 2024 so be on the lookout.

Save the Date: First fellowship meeting of the year is on Sunday, January 21, 2024, at 6pm EST via our zoom platform.

Our goal is to ensure that we are serving our members in a manner that adds value and glorifies God in line with NUNA’s overall objective. Please continue to pray along with us, that God’s will and purpose will be accomplished as it relates to NUNA in 2024. We can trust in God’s faithfulness to bring to pass HIS plan as we listen and follow his directions, trusting in the leading and power of the Holy Spirit- our present help in times of need.

Thank you Brethren and I am looking forward to an exciting year of knowing God in a deeper level so we can be empowered to both serve and impact the world around us!



Tonbra Bipelegha

2024 NUNA Coordinator