Giving Bact To Your Community

NIFES is a faith-based student organization shaping young people for leadership and service.

NIFES Students engage in voluntary services to the University community, which includes

  • Helping to clear the grasses to reduce mosquitoes, causing many students to fall sick of malaria
  • volunteering to clean the University convocation arena and its surrounding during university’s big events like matriculation and convocation ceremonies and more ….

NUNA National Project Award

NUNA is happy to announce that the winners of the NIFES National Project Awards are:

College of Education Hong – they will receive ₦300,000
Federal Polytechnic Nassarawa – they will receive ₦200,000

This program will provide sponsorship and funding of up to NGN 500,000 to one or two NIFES Zone that puts forward a project that will engender community development for their university’s host community. Each year all 30 NIFES Zones will submit project proposals geared towards campus community development

Program Guidelines

  • The project should be executed within the nominating campus or campus host community. (Inside and outside the school environment).
  •  The project should harness the skills and expertise of the students within the campus or zone.
  • The project should conform with any of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. (Applicants must specify the particular goal they are addressing).
  • It should be within the range that the budget can fund, no more than ₦300,000 for 1st prize and ₦200,000 for 2nd price

  • The project should be one that has a long-lasting effect on the campus or host community.

Project Proposal Documents 

The application packet should include the proposal document with problem description and project solution, supported by pictures.
Budget of the project and completion timelines broken down into phases.
Profile of the team members who will help complete the project. Name, year, major, skills and experience 
Expected impact of the project on campus or host community

Program Timelines

  • NUNA and the NIFES National Exco will announce a call-out for this program in the first week of Jan 2019 
  • Each NIFES Zones will have till Friday March 15, 2019 to submit a Project Plan. 
  • The plans will be reviewed by the NUNA National Project Award (NNPA) committee for review and selection of semi-finalists
  • Zonal Presidents will receive the final results and will announce the winners during 2019 Easter conference, Apr 20, 2019
  • NUNA officials and NIFES National officials will supervise and oversee the winning projects until their completion stage.


None of the projects should be implemented by one person, but should be a team-based effort.

The projects should take less than six months to complete

The degree of impact of each project will be considered by the NUNA National Project Award team before deciding the finalists

Yes, a project that was not selected in a previous year can be resubmitted for consideration in a subsequent year.

 The result will be announced by the zonal president of each zone. The award money will be paid to the winning institution in order to complete their proposed project.

We encourage the applying NIFES groups to ensure that they provide the best estimate they can on the cost of their projects.

The project should benefit the host community of the institution.

 The funds will be released by NUNA to the NIFES President of the winning institution.